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Soft Belly Meditation

This is a simple meditation that can be called upon throughout your day. It combines deep breathing with body awareness.

Breathing is a powerful tool that can create relaxation in your body.

Our sympathetic nervous system becomes activated when we are in stress; this is what prepares us for the “fight or flight” response. For many of us, our sympathetic nervous system is chronically working in overdrive. The parasympathetic nervous system is what signals to the body to calm down.

Slow and steady inhales and exhales induce the parasympathetic nervous system which quiets the body, slows the heart rate and helps your muscles to relax.

Saying “Soft Belly” while connecting to your breath helps elicit both body awareness and helps to further quiet your mind.

Give this a try as part of your morning routine or during your lunch breaks. And know you can come back to it at any moment of your day when you are feeling stressed or anxious.

Gentle reminder that meditation is a practice that takes time to cultivate and strengthen.


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