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At all stages of life, having some doubts or confusion about your occupation is relatively normal. For some people finding a fulfilling and rewarding career is relatively simple.  It seems like they ease into a career after college or smoothly transition to a new field after working for years. For most people, this is not the case.

We are passionate about providing career counseling to help people find meaningful and suitable work that fits for their life. Let us help you find your true vocation.  Something that gets you jumping out of bed in the morning.

Our career therapists work with college students to help decide on a major or course of study. We can help you identify possible internships and ways to gain experience. Perhaps you are about to graduate and overwhelmed at the prospects of looking for a job. We can help with networking, resumes, applying, and interviewing.

We also work with people who have been working for awhile and are looking to change professions. We can help you identify a new career that you will find fulfilling. It might be most helpful to go back to school or to reach out to recruiters. We can provide career guidance to help you navigate through this confusing and at times overwhelming transition.

There are always other options. We work with each person as an individual. You have a unique personality, interests, skills, aptitudes, financial needs, and life circumstances. Our career counselors and therapists help you identify and take action act on what would be most helpful to you and your professional future.


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