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Daniel DeBrule, Ph.D.


My approach to psychotherapy is both client-centered and evidence-based. Using a collaborative processes, we may review and learn a number of tools and techniques  that can help with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, or crisis. I also engage many clients through depth work that may speak to the human experience in profound ways, including existential themes, values, meaning-making, and spirituality. My background in the Humanistic & Existential traditions often emerges early in our work, as we delve deep into your current concerns and your background. To begin our work, the initial sessions build an excellent foundation of collaboration and understanding of your unique strengths and needs.


Several unique aspects of my own training and background inform my approach as well. I began my journey in the field of Psychology in the late 1990s working with my mentors Calhoun & Tedeschi who have authored many works on the concept of posttraumatic growth. Thus, I not only specialize in assisting trauma survivors in processing their experience but also noting and enhancing opportunities for growth along the journey. As a writer, musician, and athlete for much of my life, I also regularly implement these skills as coping tools with interested clients. For example, in some cases of anxiety attacks, the practice of Written Exposure Therapy can be incredibly helpful. Humor, experiential exercises, and readings/resources to complement your progress are also common. Recently, I have focused much of my practice on Men’s mental health and assist a wide variety of male clients navigating issues including life change, relationship difficulty, work performance, identity, redefining masculinity, creativity, and improving health. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation to discuss your specific interests in the process.



Dr. DeBrule has been a private practice Psychologist for 14 years, with expertise in managing suicidality, trauma, depression, anxiety, and health behavior change. He also served for many years as a University Professor and in the VA system as a Wellness Director and Suicide Prevention Lead. His areas of emphasis include posttraumatic growth, journaling/Written Exposure Therapy, DBT and implementing experiential events that map to the clients' passions. Dr. DeBrule tends to work well with legal, STEM, education, and medical professionals, as well as athletes, creatives, and college or graduate students. He serves as faculty at Baylor Medical College and the National Suicidology Training Center. 

Contact me for a free, brief consultation and we can discuss your needs and wants for yourself and determine if we would work well together.


Men's Mental Health

Addiction and Substance Use 

Mood Disorder (Depression & Bipolar)

PTSD & Trauma 

Suicidality & Crisis


Rates: 275 for 50 minute session

The above rate is the full fee this therapist charges for a standard 50 minute session. However, we do not want cost to be prohibitive of people getting the help they need. All of our therapists provide a portion of their services for a reduced fee to help those who can benefit from psychotherapy but might not be able to afford their full fee. 

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