Each of our therapists are highly skilled professionals with a variety of areas knowledge and expertise.

Morgynn Haner, Psychologist at Houston Therapy

Therapy is an opportunity to create a safe container in which we can become open and curious--instead of fearful or defended—about thoughts, feelings, and behavior that are problematic and unproductive. I believe in making a good start in a client’s personal journey by being approachable, empathetic and establishing clear, useful boundaries. 


I am a Trauma Fellow trained at the University of Houston and have over 20 years’ experience working in the recovery community. I have also enjoyed a 29-year career as a recording engineer and producer. I am passionate about helping people who identify as ‘being creative' or as 'a creative.'

Daniel Katz, Psychologist and Houston Therapy Owner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am passionate about helping individuals of all ages struggling with a variety of challenging issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, motherhood, mood disorders, personality disorders, body image issues, grief, and general life stressors. I also provide services for couples and families hoping to constructively address conflict and increase understanding of one another. My standard fee is $125 for a 50 minute session. I do provide a portion of my services for reduced fee decided on a case by case basis; please reach out for further information. To schedule a session with me, call me directly at 832-224-6453 or send an email.



Houston Therapy is Hiring

Houston Therapy is growing and hiring expert clinicians to help meet the psychological health needs of the greater Houston area. Looking for skilled, passionate, knowledgable, self-motivated, therapists who are interested in working in a private practice setting. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a private practice. Using your clinical judgement and professional skills as a guide, you will have the freedom to set your own schedule, build your case load, and determine the frequency and length of treatment. Full time or part time positions available. If interested please send Dr. Katz a copy of your CV and brief statement about why you want to be a part of our team.