Each of our therapists are highly skilled professionals with a variety of areas knowledge and expertise.


Shea McTaggart, Psy.D 

Neuropsychologist, Director of Assessment 

As a neuropsychologist, my approach to therapy is based on an empathic connection with clients and involves a holistic approach that integrates client’s unique backgrounds, family dynamics, strengths, and interests combined with a comprehensive understanding of brain functioning.

I draw from  17 years of experience in various mental health settings provide a collaborative treatment approach with unique brain-based interventions.  I work with patients to identify recurring themes and patterns of thoughts, feelings, self-concept, relationships and life experiences with an emphasis on how past experiences contribute to recurring patterns of behavior and relationships. 

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The relationship we have with ourselves is the greatest we will experience throughout our lifetime. I believe therapy is an investment in that relationship. The therapeutic relationship provides an opportunity to safely venture into self-exploration with curiosity, compassion, and understanding. As we begin to unveil the old patterns we have unconsciously been stuck in, we notice not only an increase in our own self-awareness, but we also feel empowered to make shifts in how we relate to others and engage in life. I work to create a space that encourages clients to bring all aspects of themselves because I know that true understanding and transformation begins when we give ourselves permission to fully feel and express ourselves.


To have you in my therapy practice is a privilege, and I look forward to helping you accomplish your therapeutic goals. I believe we all are inherently good people who face struggles in life that challenge our understanding of ourselves and others. In these moments, we have the choice to cling to rigid, limiting, outdated, or unfair thoughts about ourselves and others, or become resilient through our capacity to learn new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in our lives that align with our goodness and goals. You can do it, and my job is to help you on that journey!


Sometimes in life we find ourselves feeling lost or stuck or maybe we have experienced a great loss or trauma. While friends and family can offer support and solace during these times, developing a relationship with the right therapist can offer a unique and safe space to work through these problems in a way that can’t always be done with loved ones. I take an integrative and non-judgmental approach with my clients and create a safe and nurturing environment for my clients to explore and grow. I to take a holistic and person-centered approach to my work, and I am also trained in DBT skills as well as EMDR.

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Reaching out for help when life gets overwhelming can be the hardest part of the therapeutic journey. I strive to provide a safe and supportive environment so that we can work together to find more helpful ways of coping with life’s struggles.  My hope is to help reduce all forms of suffering by helping my clients explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to gain more insight about themselves and to find more adaptive approaches to managing their lives and interpersonal relationships.


I work with adults, couples, and families struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma and family of origin issues.  


Therapy is an opportunity to create a safe container in which we can become open and curious--instead of fearful or defended—about thoughts, feelings, and behavior that are problematic and unproductive. I believe in making a good start in a client’s personal journey by being approachable, empathetic and establishing clear, useful boundaries. 


I am a Trauma Fellow trained at the University of Houston and have over 20 years’ experience working in the recovery community. I have also enjoyed a 29-year career as a recording engineer and producer. I am passionate about helping people who identify as ‘being creative' or as 'a creative.'


No matter the issue, finding peace begins with creating compassion and curiosity for ourselves. I work with adolescents and adults looking for a warm, non-judgmental space to explore their struggles and experiences. I have worked with a broad range of clients, but I have a strong background with those seeking to understand their anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. My approach is trauma-informed and LGBTQ friendly.


Each of us has a chance to create meaning from our experiences. As your therapist, we will work together to build greater self-compassion and effective coping mechanisms to meet your needs

Emily Netherton, Therapist at Houston Therapyon

Emily Netherton, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am passionate about helping individuals of all ages struggling with a variety of challenging issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, motherhood, mood disorders, personality disorders, body image issues, grief, and general life stressors. I also provide services for couples and families hoping to constructively address conflict and increase understanding of one another. To schedule a session with me, call me directly at 832-224-6453 or send an email.


Brianna Dennis-McCrory

I am currently attending a master’s program in clinical psychology and the University of Houston-Clear Lake. I help to support our therapist team, while also working to connect you with the right therapist to best fit your needs