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Late teens and early 20's can be a wonderful opportunity to obtain a great education, meet new people, and try new things. However, with this opportunity also comes unique challenges and risks.


Some of the issues college students and young adults often deal with in this phase of life include:

  • Being homesick or having a hard time adjusting to college life

  • Difficult time making new friends and connecting with others

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Issues with food and body image

  • Confusion about major or career choices

  • Coping with academic and social pressures

  • Issues with professors or grades

  • Difficulty taking tests

  • Troubles with romantic partners

  • Panic attacks

  • Difficulties with family

  • Problems with alcohol or drugs

Here at Houston Therapy, one of our specialties is providing therapy for young adults and therapy for college students. In fact, our founder, Dr. Daniel Katz has also extensively researched and written about college student mental health and wellness and has provided therapy and support to students, faculty, and staff at three different colleges. We are passionate about providing young adult treatment and helping young adults thrive! If you or someone you know could benefit from counseling for young adults,  please contact us for more information today.

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