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It takes several years of training and experience to become a licensed mental health professional. Along the way receiving the right guidance and supervision is essential. Lectures, academic papers, and books can only take us so far. Face-to-face therapy mentorship with expert clinicians is vital to progress as professionals.

Currently there are many people that need help but do not have access to it, in large part because there are not enough qualified professionals to help them. This is why we at Houston Therapy are passionate about training and clinical psychology supervision.  

Our therapists have been trained in individual therapy supervision and group supervision. In fact, our founder, Dr. Daniel Katz has taught graduate level courses on clinical supervision.

Let us help you combine your theoretical knowledge with effective techniques and your therapeutic instincts to find your professional voice.

Consulting with other mental health professionals can be helpful regardless of your experience level. All clinicians can benefit from getting an out-side perspective from time to time. Most boards and professional organizations encourage therapists to participate in on-going professional development and training through clinical supervision and consultation.  Perhaps it’s a particularly difficult case, learning new skills, expanding your therapeutic repertoire, or working through strong countertransference. Whatever the reason, let our clinical supervisors help you grow in effectiveness as a professional.


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