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Happy Family in the Park

Everyone is affected by mental health issues. These affects can be most pronounced in our closest relationships. Family therapy addresses the problems that arise within the family system. Family therapy in essence is a means of treating emotional and behavioral problems by working with the entire family, as opposed to an individual or couple. The sessions generally focus on the emotions, thoughts, and actions within the context of the family system.

There are several reasons why people would seek family therapy. Sometimes it is an unforeseen event that has created chaos in the home. Often, families seek counseling when a family member has an active addiction or major mental health struggles. Other times issues can arise with parenting styles, or difficulties with a high-spirited or rebellious child. People seek family counseling for countless reasons. Effective family therapy can improve communication, insight, intimacy, and general cohesiveness of the family so that the family has a whole and each individual family member can thrive. In fact, there are several psychological issues where family therapy is the preferred and recommended form of treatment.

Our experienced therapists, counselors, and psychologists have provided several families with the tools to navigate the challenging relational dynamics and challenges for long term success.  


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