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Psychotherapy is not a quick fix

Updated: Mar 13

People often assume that psychotherapy is a quick fix. That it is like physical therapy for a minor injury. Learn some new exercises and practice them for a few months and you are good to go.

When dealing with something as complex as our mind and emotions this is rarely the case.

While people can experience significant relief after a few sessions this relief will be short lived if they do not address the roots of the issue. This can take time but it is also immensely rewarding.

At Houston Therapy we specialize in depth psychotherapy. We are interested in helping people make significant changes that will last a lifetime.

Ultimately we want to help people not only stop experiencing their distressing symptoms, but have a greater awareness into their emotional world. Coupled with this insight, depth work can enable people to have change unhelpful behaviors, ideas, relational patterns, and the ability to experience and express emotions differently.

It might be simple if we could just hop in and out of a session and like a bank robber flee with sudden wealth. Instead, the path to improved mental health is often a longer, but ultimately more rewarding journey.

If you are ready to undertake this journey please contact us, or schedule a session directly online.

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