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A Self Care Map, Part 1

Houston is a pretty big city. Large enough to make the top 10 in the US! So it makes sense that it can be a little hard to navigate at times, even more so if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle and trade it for a moment of relaxation and self care. Here are a few self care ideas worth a search in the Houston area:


Houston holds quite a few parks, ranging from those that regularly hold activities to those best suited for a nice walk through nature.


It can be hard to stay consistent with staying active. However, sometimes that's just what we need. A few of the parks mentioned above offer free outdoor classes that are open to the public.

Levy Park, Memorial Park, and Houston Arboretum are a few that offer different classes for all ages. If you are trying a class for the first time and would like to continue, Houston offers a variety of classes for Zumba, yoga, meditation, and more!


Enjoying a hobby is a wonderful way to reconnect with ourselves. Often we find ourselves doing things for others, whether that be for work, for family- whatever the case may be. If you have a hobby you love, or even if you are still discovering what that might be, Houston's got you covered. The city offers a variety of activities to try out based on interests.

You can check out classes that cover photography, baking, pottery, home décor, or really anything that comes to mind. Keep in mind, some classes may come with a fee. However, you can always gather your materials, call up a friend, and enjoy these activities from any place you feel comfortable.

Library/ Reading/ Journaling

If you're ever interested in a good book, a place to study, or simply a nice place to write out your thoughts, here are a few places you might enjoy:

If you're a caffeine-free person like myself, you may be a little wary about frequenting cafes. But if the scene is your vibe and the chairs are just right, it might be worth calling to see if they have any caffeine-free options or looking online at their menu. Many offer cakes and snacks as well.

I hope you find your perfect place to take a break.

Written by Brianna Dennis-McCrory

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