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Making Friends in Adulthood

Updated: Mar 28

Making friends as an adult is not all that easy at times. We don't have the same social environments we did as kids, being made to go to school or to sign up for extracurricular activities. We don't have a parent whose friends have children, or neighbors wanting us to come out and play, and it can feel like almost everyone already has their set forever-friend-group. So is it even possible to make friends past the teen and college years?

Of course, it is possible. It just may be a little different than how we remember. What's important is to remember how we made friends in the past. No, I'm not talking about being forced to talk to the kid in your project group, or play dates that weren't your plan. Although, a lot can be learned from these situations as well. But we'll get into that later.

What I mean is to take a look at the common factor here. You got out to where the people were. It's hard to make friends if you aren't where the potential friends are. Now, this may seem a little daunting, but there are options for everyone. If you are someone who is a bit more extraverted, this could be going to an event or popular location. If you aren't afraid to strike up a conversation, meeting new people on an outing can be a fun experience. You can look up what events are coming up in your area and make a plan to try it out for a little while. Often, people love to chat over a few drinks or a shared interest. Even if you don't know much about the event you're attending, asking someone who appears to know a little more can be a great start to a good conversation. If you enjoy their company, you may even want to think about any future events you may both be interested in. Bartenders are good sources of information for this, as well.

Maybe you're not ready to go out on your own yet without a plan. If so, there are also event pages that are geared toward individuals looking to meet others and make friends. Some may ask for payment to go to their hosted events, but Facebook and other social media platforms share groups and events you might be interested in. If you are willing, and feel safe doing so, it could also be helpful to send out a post about carpooling or meeting up, to invite others interested to share that space with you. You never know, someone may have been too nervous to do so themselves!

Another option to consider is right at your fingertips within an app. We know how some dating apps work. Some apps are either a function of both dating and friends, or strictly to find new friends in your area. This makes it easier to put a few of your interests at the forefront, and to attract potential new friends who enjoy the same things. As each dating up may be a little different, it might be helpful to do some quick research into a friend app to make sure it's geared toward what you are looking for before getting set up.

Making friends does not come easy to everyone. However, we hope these tips and tools can offer ways to meet new people in ways that you feel comfortable.

Brianna McCrory

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