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Dr. Katz Talks Men's Work and Bojack Horseman

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to chat with Candice Fredrick, a reporter who was writing an article about about Bojack Horseman, toxic masculinity, and how a man can redeem himself after being caught in its grasp.

The article is worth reading in full (link bellow) but here are some great quotes:

"According to Dr. Daniel Katz, a psychologist at Houston Therapy in Texas who specializes in working with men’s issues, it’s a major first step when men like Bojack look inward as they start the process of course correction. Because the constant suppression of vulnerability is part of what breeds the toxicity, they’ve been consumed with much of their lives.

“In the process of opening up about their own emotional experiences,” Katz says, “they have a greater capacity for empathy. Working through the pain of their old wounds—whether that be direct trauma from childhood or from incorporating a lot of the messages from society—helps them generalize other people’s experiences.”

This is the kind of hard work I have the privilege of guiding men through every day! I love how this article turned out, and I'm so glad a reporter was able to use the show to deepen the conversation about men working through their issues. I’m hopeful it will inspire other men to heal and stop creating unnecessary suffering for those around them and themselves.

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