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Hone in on What You Want from Therapy

Often when clients call our office for the first time, they know they want to "feel better." Something about life as it is currently doesn't sit right with them. Many times, though, people seeking therapy for the first time struggle to name exactly what it is they want to change. Some folks call in knowing exactly what changes they want to make, but for others, it's not so straightforward. If you are in the second group, this is for you.

While you don't have to know exactly what you want from therapy going in, having some idea can help make sure you get started on the right foot. When I answer the phone at Houston Therapy, I am listening for clues that will tell me which of our skilled therapists can best meet your needs. The more you can tell me about what you're looking for, the better my chances of connecting you to the therapist who's the best fit.

Any good therapist or intake coordinator who answers your call should be able to help draw that out of you by asking good questions. In addition, you can empower yourself to get a better grasp on what you want from therapy by asking yourself one question:

"How will I know therapy was successful?"

In other words, what would be different in your life after a few months of therapy that would be a clue to you that your needs were met? While you may struggle to state exactly what's wrong right now, thinking about what life would look like if everything was going right paints a clearer picture. This allows you to better articulate your own needs.

I hope this was helpful! If you're seeking a therapist, we are currently meeting with new clients via video and phone here at Houston Therapy. Call to connect with one of our clinicians, or set up your free initial consultation online to get started.

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