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SJ Knowlton, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor 

No matter the issue, finding peace begins with creating compassion and curiosity for ourselves. I work with adolescents and adults looking for a warm, non-judgmental space to explore their struggles and experiences. I have worked with a broad range of clients, but I have a strong background with those seeking to understand their anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. My approach is trauma-informed and LGBTQ friendly.


Each of us has a chance to create meaning from our experiences. As your therapist, we will work together to build greater self-compassion and effective coping mechanisms to meet your needs.



Most recently I worked as a Masters Level Clinician and Licensed Professional Counselor Associate at a community clinic. My work there focused on providing mental health care to vulnerable and at-risk populations with severe diagnoses. This included helping patients define and achieve recovery goals, providing skills and psychosocial training, and engaging in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Through my work, I have received extensive training and experience in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and view it as a helpful tool. While working at the community clinic, I continued to see clients in a private practice setting through a non-profit organization.


Before moving to the clinic setting, I worked at a private practice where I had also completed my practicum. While there I was able to work with diverse clientele struggling with things such as anxiety, depression, relationship and attachment issues, and trauma. I also led a group based on Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements.


My interests include anxiety, LGBTQ+, feminism, trauma of all kinds, depression, and attachment styles. Prior to pursuing my master’s in education, I worked in marketing as a copywriter. I majored in Creative Writing in undergrad, which helped fuel my understanding and appreciation for all stories and people.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (License Number 84289). I graduated from The University of Houston’s Master of Education in Counseling with an M.Ed.


For you more information, or to get a better sense of how I work, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. If I don’t believe I am the right person to help with whatever you want to work on, I will help you find someone who is.

Rates: $190 for 50 minute session

The above rate is the full fee this therapist charges for a standard 50 minute session. However, we do not want cost to be prohibitive of people getting the help they need. All of our therapists provide a portion of their services for a reduced fee to help those who can benefit from psychotherapy but might not be able to afford their full fee. 

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