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Katy Dimple Manning, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

under the supervision of Jana Rosenbaum, LCSW

Choosing the right therapist to work with is crucial to finding relief. You may want to work with me if you seek to build greater self-esteem and self-love, to better understand and deal with overwhelming feelings, and to communicate openly and directly – even when it’s really tough. As your therapist, I promise to offer a non-judgmental space where you decide the most important focus. From there, we’ll work together to decide the best way to meet your individual needs.


I have a strong background providing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and have received significant training in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). I have experience providing individual and group therapy with adults living with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health struggles. In addition, I have worked with adolescents providing group therapy in an intensive outpatient hospital setting.



Most recently I served as a Mental Health Coach Intern at the Hope and Healing Center & Institute, providing in-person and video therapy to people living with mental health struggles. In addition, I received 40 hours of DBT training from the DBT Center. I also facilitated a weekly group for trauma survivors. This experience was part of my experience as a University of Houston Trauma Fellow. 


Prior to that, I served as a Clinical Social Work Intern in the outpatient unit of a mental health hospital. While there, I led group therapy for adults and adolescents and co-led family therapy sessions.


My interests include stigma, chronic invisible illness, and mental health treatment. Before pursuing an MSW, I worked for 8 years as a marketing and communications professional, helping nonprofits tell their stories. I have been a mental health advocate since 2017.


Community Involvement

I serve as a Board Member for the What it's Like Project (WiLP), whose mission is to remove the stigma of mental illness through art, education, and community engagement. It’s been a privilege to serve on their board for multiple years.


In addition, I became deputized to register voters in 2018. I believe it’s important to ensure marginalized populations have access to voting, which is why I registered voters at the Hope and Healing Center and non-convicted individuals at Harris County Jail.


I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (License number: 69369). I earned my MSW from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work.


For you more information, or to get a better sense of how I work, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. If I don’t believe I am the right person to help with whatever you want to work on, I will help you find someone who is.

I am currently not accepting new clients

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