"Good for Her"

Good for Her, an in-person feminist women’s issues processing group for women 18 and up.
Tuesday 7-8 PM, September 1st - December 15th, 2022

$45 dollar fee

Led by SJ Knowlton, LPCA


 “Good for her” is short hand for the satisfaction audiences feel when a female character realizes their desires and/or receives a fulfilling conclusion. This group aims to empower women in the same way by creating a supportive environment to discuss women’s issues, including relationships, social expectations, and how they impact mental health. 

The group follows these 3 guidelines

1. Create a safe space for yourself and others

2. Commit to learning and adjusting together

3. Cultivate an environment of support. 

Email SJ Knowlton at Knowlton@houston-therapy.com to sign up or learn more.


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