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Every Monday, 5:30PM - 7PM, Cost $85

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Joining a therapy group can seem daunting. However, It can also, become a vital part of someone’s work, healing, and growth. For many, it becomes a part of their lifestyle and self care in the long term.


Doing group work provides opportunities that individual therapy work does not. It presents the opportunity for members to be a part of a larger whole and to exchange feedback and support with others who all have different perspectives and experiences, or perhaps, similar ones.  It can be challenging, eye opening, or validating, any of which can be incredibly helpful in deepening insight.


As the facilitator of the group, I do not seek to lead the group, but to move with the group in a dynamic and cohesive direction. Concepts of empathy, authenticity, self-determination, and empowerment are critical for this group.


A psychodynamic group, like the adult process group I am offering at Houston Therapy, provides an excellent opportunity to dig down and process things meaningfully while having the support and insight of peers in an eclectic system of people.


 This group is designed to be inclusive and eclectic. As a broader range of personalities and perspectives will be present, so will be a richness in the group dynamic that provides opportunity for all members.


As groups work together longer, they become working systems of people, just as are families, groups of close friends, or groups of people who work closely together professionally. This is one of the major features that distinguish group therapeutic work from individual therapeutic work.


Functioning therapeutically in this setting provides members with the unique opportunities to develop insight and understanding. Also, this group will provide space to SAFELY practice new ways of coping and functioning as part of such a system, without the typical consequences of “getting it wrong.”


This kind of practice can enable individuals to then carry these skills in their lives with confidence and conviction. Members can receive meaningful feedback from the here and now, from people who are meaningful, framed with therapeutic support. 


            If you would like to learn more about this group offering, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at for more information!

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