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Veronica Welch, LMSW, CDWF

Licensed Master Social Worker

under the supervision of Peggy Utecht, LCSW

​About me


Therapy, for me, is the process of unfolding the conditioning that no longer serves a person’s authenticity. My job then, as the therapist, is to be present as the client journeys into the places of their inner experience where they prior felt unsafe or unsure to go alone, and to offer curiosity when they feel stuck. Therapy is an agreement between people to move in a direction with the intention of the client’s best interest at heart.


After writing my undergraduate seminar on the topic of wholehearted living and posttraumatic growth, I moved to Houston to pursue an internship with Brené Brown’s company, The Daring Way, where I was trained in her research on courage building, shame resilience, and uncovering the power of vulnerability. Her work has become central to my therapeutic approach.


Soon after, I completed a coaching certification under Layla Martin at her Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality, where I studied embodiment, orgasm, and the connection between mind and body. There, I specialized in Women’s Empowerment and Female Sexuality.


I work with clients who are ready for change, which looks differently for everyone. It may be readiness to begin a process of grieving, integrate past trauma, step into a new aspect of self, or various other elements of change. I welcome adolescents, adults, couples, and other relationship agreements.


The Flow


Clients and I spend our first session getting to know each other. They share where they are, what they want in life, and ask questions about the kind of work we might to do together. Every client is different and every therapy session is different.


As long as it takes, clients and I then work together to get clear on what exactly they want and why that is important to them. This becomes the living map by which we are guided over the course of the journey.


In sessions following, we rely upon the client’s life experiences and intuition to reveal the route. Week by week, clients show up to session to notice what is shifting in their life and what they would like to direct their attention toward. My role, then is to do my best to provide a space of curiosity and integration, safe enough for the client to go to the places in their inner world they desire to go.


My Approach


Relationship. Therapy is the relational route to transformation. I invite my clients to use their relationship with me to explore their relationships outside of the room. This includes human relationship as well as relationship to home, work, body, partnership, desire, and beyond. In session, we get curious about why certain relationships exist in the way they do. In my view, relationship is foundational to moving through the world.


Presence. Inasmuch as possible, I view my role as one to guide the focus to the here and now, trusting that memories that need to be resolved and desires for the future will meet us.


Embodiment. Patterns of our behavior are mapped in our physical bodies. Bringing attention to the physical body and sensations associated with various moments reveals incredible wisdom about who we are. Being present in the physical body gives us access to the moment and increased pleasure.


Empowerment. The pleasure of this work is seeing people wake up to their power. It’s my absolute favorite experience in this life. My aim is to consistently hold the mirror for clients to see their own power and the ways in which they may be giving it away. Every single person possesses genius and I love the honor of witnessing that recognition in my clients.


Training and Education


Masters in Social Work, University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work

Certified Daring Way Facilitator, The Daring Way

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach, Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Bachelors in Family and Human Services, John Brown University


  • Sexuality and Sex Therapy

  • Women’s Issues 

  • Shame and Vulnerability 

  • Self-esteem and Identity