Professional Counselor

I believe that it is important to fully understand the underlying issues that lead to personal issues, not just the presenting problems. Assisting individuals in gaining insight allows them to understand what motivates their behaviors and emotions. It is not only important to treat an individual in therapy, but also teach them about their psychological drives, motives, and reactions to assist them to cope better with issues is their life.

I have worked with couples, individuals with behavioral and life problems, and individuals with addiction. I assist individuals in gaining better insight into their behaviors and the behaviors of others to assist the client in gaining more insight into personal and environmental issues. This approach allows clients to cope more successfully. I am passionate about helping people who have been incarcerated or have had difficulties with the criminal justice system. Further, I have training in multicultural therapy and a thorough appreciation of the complexities that exist among various cultural identities. 

For individuals involved with legal matters, I provide forensic services to include consultation, evaluations for court, drug assessments, sexual offense recidivism, and jury selection. I have also aided courts with child custody cases, home evaluations, and adoptions. I also provide psychological testing for private clients.

If you would like some more information, or to get a better sense of how I work, I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.


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