Staying Connected and Grounded in the Midst of Change 

Staying Connected and Grounded During a Pandemic

Young Adult Process Group

Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm, Cost $75 per session

Houston therapy is proud to announce a new virtual group to help people stay connected, grounded, and flexible during these uncertain times. 

This Virtual Group is designed to provide support during this season of change. A mix between a process and support group, the online space will be a unique way to cultivate connection, flexibility and groundedness through the process of relationship. 

We come together as humans first to share our current inner experiences and navigate them in an intentional context with a commitment to stepping into our possibilities individually and as a collective. 

The group follows these 3 guidelines

1. Create a safe space for yourself and others

2. Commit to learning and adjusting together

3. Cultivate an environment of support. 

This pandemic has been disorienting for many of us. Houston Therapy clinicians, Veronica Welch and Emily Netherton are excited about providing a space of support as we navigate this time of change together. 

Use the button below or email Veronica Welch to sign up or learn more.


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